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Ciervo Negro Tattoo was founded in Colombia in 2015 by brothers Carlos and Daniel Moreno, who transformed their passion for tattoo art into a successful studio. What began as a shared dream became a vibrant and creative reality, offering clients unique works of art on the skin. In 2023, we celebrate an exciting milestone with the opening of our second store in Barcelona, Spain, under the direction of Carlos Moreno. Meanwhile, Daniel Moreno continues to lead our original store in Colombia, maintaining the commitment to artistic excellence and customer service that defines us. At Ciervo Negro Tattoo, each tattoo is an expression of individuality and style. Our talented artists specialize in a variety of styles, from realism to geometric and traditional, working collaboratively with our clients to create custom pieces that last over time. Whether you visit us in Colombia or Barcelona, we are committed to providing you with a Exceptional and transformative tattoo experience. Join us on this exciting artistic journey and let your ideas come to life in the form of stunning tattoos.

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